IMC Descend on Erewash Museum for Third Night – Its Craft Time


bit late but here’s the weekend report.

On Saturday the 11th of December, the Ilkeston Methodist Church made their final visit of the year to the Erewash Museum, as part of the Santa Saturdays event. With a variety of games and activities, as well as an important message, the team spent four hours entertaining both kids and adults in the gallery area. They even had a special visit from Santa himself!

Although the turnout wasn’t as busy as expected, it provided a great opportunity for the team to speak to people and spread their message. One of the highlights of the day was the baby in a manger, where visitors could hang stars and say thank you to someone special.

The team also had a fun game where visitors could spin a wheel to get a star lined up with the nativity scene. Not only did they win a prize, but they also learned the Christmas story along the way. There were also a variety of crafts available, such as making small happy birthday Jesus cards, wooden angels, and coloring sheets. The team distributed leaflets with Christmas worship and nativity books as well.

Overall, it was a successful day for the Ilkeston Methodist Church team, and they should be proud of their efforts. Photos were taken with permission and blurred where necessary to ensure everyone’s privacy was respected.

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