Save Erewash Museum Ilkeston from council budget cuts.

Save Erewash Museum Ilkeston from council budget cuts.

The Friends of Erewash Museum have initiated a petition in response to the proposed budget cuts to Erewash Museum in Ilkeston by the Erewash Borough Council. The proposed measures include closing the museum on Tuesdays, reducing the opening times by 25% a day, and making two staff members redundant. If implemented, these changes would have a devastating impact on the museum and the wider community.

Erewash Museum has been a central part of Ilkeston for over 40 years and should not have to suffer due to poor financial decisions made by members of the local authority. The museum is a vital hub for the community, providing support and assistance for those experiencing loneliness, isolation, and mental health issues. It is a valuable asset to the town, offering a vast collection of historical items, event days, and a friendly community through its Chatty Cafe project.

The Friends of Erewash Museum are leading the opposition to these proposals and encourage the community to stand with them to protect this cherished institution.



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