Ladies` Tuesday Group

🌸 Join us every Tuesday afternoon at Wilmot Street for a delightful gathering that weaves diverse voices and shared experiences together. Our Ladies Tuesday Group celebrates the richness of life through engaging talks, creative activities, and heartfelt connections.

What Awaits You:

Inspiring Speakers: From seasoned adventurers to our own members, our speakers bring stories that resonate with the soul.
Creative Exploration: Unleash your imagination! Dive into arts, crafts, and activities that spark joy and deepen friendships.
Community Impact: We make a difference by supporting IMC Church events and local charities like the Food Bank and Action for Children.
Warm Conversations: Our friendly atmosphere invites you to savour a cup of tea, engage in stimulating discussions, and find solace in shared moments.

When: Every Tuesday at 2 pm.

You’re Invited: Whether you’re a newcomer or a familiar face, join us. Let’s create memories and nurture our spirits together! 🌟🙏