2020/2021 Methodist Prayer Handbook

The Earth is the Lord’s

2020/2021 Methodist Prayer Handbook

The Methodist Prayer Handbook is now available. Titled The Earth is the Lord’s, (taken from Psalm 24 verse 1: The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it).

The price from Methodist Publishing is £4.50 but the cost to you will be £4.15 per copy; large print copies are also available at the same price. Judith is asking for payment after you’ve received the handbooks.

An order form is available; please send Judith Milner <midderbyshirecircuit@gmail.com> your order by email by 5th August.

The publication date is later than usual this year (31st August) so we will not receive the handbooks until September.


  1. Please can I have 30 copies and 2 large print of the Prayer Handbook for the Yeovil Methodist Church, Yeovil and Blackmorevale Circuit.

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