Room to Hire

Our Facilities

Our churches are open to all, we encourage you to use our buildings to provide for the community. From a one-off meeting to a 6-week course. Want to run a fitness group or provide a workshop for people to learn and have a go experience. The rooms are equipped to provide most of what you will need. 

We also have room for birthday parties, weddings, anniversary party and much more, we have even space for an adult size Bouncy castle.



All rooms are available and come with own additions depending on your needs, not some limitations will depend on other users of building. 

Large Rooms – £15ph

Small Rooms – £10ph

Call us to discuss prices, we may be able to help.

  • Meetings
  • Social Nights / Fundraising
  • Creative Groups (Film, writing etc)
  • Arts and Crafts workshops
  • Networking, Conference, Training
  • Fitness clubs 
  • Kids Parties Incl Disco lights
  • Birthdays, anniversaries

Santarium One

A large room with space for 40 or more people, with chairs, access to Audio and Visual resources, 3 screens, front and handheld mics, music area. Access to small room if need.  

Hall One

Large High ceiling, room for adult-size bouncing castle. Access to small room, kitchen, stage. With own chairs and tables. 

Meeting room 1 of 2 Room.

 Small room with comfy seating, ideal for small meetings of 4-8 people. Access is limit depending on other users.


Room One

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Hall Two

As Hall one, spaces with chairs and tables, access to kitchen, stage and outside Garden. Seating area near Kitchen 


Meeting Room 3-4 Room

Small rooms with seating and access to kitchen. Based in town centre.