Live Online Service, done through Zoom

We used the software and did it in similar way as to in church, with music, prayers and a message/reflection. We also broke into groups online to chat and coffee. Some members read from bible and all joined in in singing.

Just some comments received

“The informal chat room at end were great and well received, a chance to catch up”

“Good to see a number of friends”,

“Lovely to see everyone on screen Without Masks”

“Screen shares worked well and smoothly”

“Feeling very uplifted and positive that we can still meet and worship together online”

“Service was very good, my cat thought it was good and not fall asleep “

“Loved the service this morning and was really well done, loved seeing faces not seen for a while”Fancy joining us, see link or get in touch

Mission in Lockdown – IMC in The Community (Update)

In September we started the ideas flowing for working in community during lockdown, well the bulbs ideas have grown in strength and well received.
Now Christmas is near and so is advent. Through WhatsApp, emails and zoom, ideas came in and people have been giving some thought about Christmas and some good ideas have come up.
A few folks have been looking at some resources which are now available from Scripture Union, Methodist church and from other Christian sources, and there have been some discussions about how/when to try to keep in contact with the many families who are Messy Church regulars.
Ideas include trails, Quiz / Social nights via Zoom, Carols singing, Messy Church, sending card and much more.

IMC In the Community – Lockdown

Planting bulbs to share some love and joy


During October, the folk at Ilkeston Methodist Church have been busy planting bulbs to bring some cheerful colour for the people of Ilkeston to enjoy in early Spring next year.

Faced with the cancellation of many of the usual community events in the town due to the pandemic, the people at IMC realised that they needed to come up with new ideas for ways of sharing some love and joy with those who have had a tough time over the last few months. We challenged members to come up with ideas for ways to be involved with the community, many ideas were shared, yet on IMC Whatsapp the Bulb idea was springing into action with all using our skills, contacts and knowledge.

The bulb-planting took hold and by the end of the month, over twenty pots had been planted up safely, keeping to the rules on social distancing, and delivered with a message of support to an outdoor area at several care homes; Victoria Court, Oliver House and Hargreaves Court, the Museum and the United Reformed Church in Ilkeston.The hope is that Spring 2021 will bring plenty of colourful flowers to enjoy and even better, some hope of better times ahead.

2020/2021 Methodist Prayer Handbook

The Earth is the Lord’s

2020/2021 Methodist Prayer Handbook

The Methodist Prayer Handbook is now available. Titled The Earth is the Lord’s, (taken from Psalm 24 verse 1: The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it).

The price from Methodist Publishing is £4.50 but the cost to you will be £4.15 per copy; large print copies are also available at the same price. Judith is asking for payment after you’ve received the handbooks.

An order form is available; please send Judith Milner <> your order by email by 5th August.

The publication date is later than usual this year (31st August) so we will not receive the handbooks until September.